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Bombora is the Life Vest Reimagined

Born to wander, we’re on a mission to create a community of fellow explorers who enjoy leisure and adventure. Bombora PFDs are USCG-approved, lightweight, and stylish, so you can adventure with confidence while expressing your true self on the water. With a simple strap, pull, float model, our PFDs fit like a fanny pack and inflate into a protective life vest. Whether you’re paddleboarding or gearing up for a fishing trip, experience more with less bulk in your way.

How It Works


Using our PFDs are easy! Bring the belt around your waist so the pack faces front then connect the buckle to secure the belt and pull the strap to tighten.


Once in the water, pull on the tab to inflate the PFD. Our 16-gram option inflates into a flotation bag and our 24-gram option inflates into a full life jacket for added security.


You’re afloat! When you are ready to reuse your PFD belt, rearming is easy. Simply screw on the new CO2 cartridge on the side of your belt and you’re ready for your next adventure.

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At Bombora our mission is to provide minimalist and safe personal flotation devices that support your active lifestyle. We are committed to providing adventure-approved gear to ensure more freedom on the water with less in your way.

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