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We exist to equip and inspire explorers toward adventure with their family, friends, and loved ones – creating shared experiences & memories that last a lifetime.

Born to wander, we at Bombora live to escape the routine and experience the beauty and adventure nature has to offer. We love to wander the water. Explore it, Paddle through it, Swim in it, Stand on it, Fish it….. you name it and we love it. Our respect for the water is also something that runs deep. Respect for its beauty, its mystery, its bounty but also its unpredictability. When on the water we understand conditions can change and adventures don’t always go as planned.

Most of us have done it. “It’s only a short trip,” “I’ll be within sight of land,” “I am a strong swimmer,” “I’m in a group.” As avid boaters and outdoorsmen ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand how this line of thinking can get countless strong capable people in big trouble. The fact is situations present themselves where not having to rely on treading water to stay afloat can make a world of difference. In any adventure, knowing you are prepared for everything is freedom to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

That’s why we created Bombora – to make it easy to bring an inflatable life vest with you on all your water activities. We made our Active-Fit PFDs (personal flotation devices) with a lightweight, slim design and even added some of our own style to ensure your adventure will be your own. With Bombora on your side, you can adventure freely knowing we’ve got your safety covered.

Bombora is a small company located on the shores near Cape Cod. It is our mission to design and deliver products we ourselves want to use as we wander the water, so quality and dependability will never be anything but our top priorities. We hope you like our style too.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

– Mae West

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