Wanderer PFD Belt Type V


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Bombora’s inflatable PFD belts are United States Coast Guard Approved Type V PFDs. Perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and inland boating and fishing, our PFDs are non-restrictive and provide a more comfortable and cool fit than bulky, foam life jackets. The manual pull-cord activates a CO2 gas cartridge and inflates the belt.


Meet the Wanderer. This ultra-slim 16g inflatable personal flotation device says “so long” to bulky foam jackets and “hello” to lightweight gear that doesn’t get in the way of adventure. Whether you’re a professional kayaker or a one-lap-for-the-photo paddle boarder, our stylish and United States Coast Guard Approved Type V PFDs inspire you to wander with less in your way.

Match Your Water-Personality to Our Collections

Block Out Bad Vibes

(new for Summer 2021)
Created with vibrant colors compatible with your character, our Block Out Collection is designed to Block Out bad vibes and channel good vibes only while you wander the water.

What You’d Rather Be Doing

(new for Summer 2021)
Inspired by the activities we’d rather be doing, the I’d Rather Be Cruising Collection was created for our water wanderers who would rather be sailing, SUPing, or kayaking at any given moment.

Match Your Mood to the Moment

Bombora’s debut Fade Out Collection is inspired by paddle boarding at dusk and dawn, right when the sun hits the horizon. Each gradient reflects a mood and a moment, moving from cool to warm to rasta-electric.

Product Details

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design
  • Easy pull-cord inflation
  • Rigorously tested, USCG approved
  • Zippered pocket
  • Soft, breathable neoprene-style liner
  • D-Ring attachments for small accessories

United States Coast Guard Approved Type V Manual Inflatable PFD (personal flotation device) Belt

  • Approved for users 16 years and older
  • Fits chest sizes 30-56”
  • Pull-cord CO2 inflation provides 16.5 lbs of buoyancy
  • Secondary oral inflation provides 29.5 lbs of buoyancy
  • Buckle closure
  • Product weight: 1 lb
  • Product dimensions: 16.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in
  • Safety Disclaimers: Inflatable life vests, also known as “personal flotation devices” or “PFDs” are not for use during high-impact activities. Device is not armed upon purchase. Read instructions and arm properly prior to use. Device does not inflate automatically. Device must be worn to be legal. Inflatable PFDs are not recommended for non-swimmers.

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Ratings and Reviews

  1. Light-weight and space-saver

    I love my Bombora PFD! It is so easy to bring with me when I’m out paddleboarding or kayaking. It is so light-weight and allows me to move much easier than a bulky lifejacket. I used to put a lifejacket in my kayak but it would take up so much space. With the PFD belt, I have a lot more room for my cooler and towel.

    Claire (verified owner)

  2. Such a fun product!

    I love this belt pack – I didn’t know life vests could be so cute and lightweight. It’s perfect for going paddleboarding or out on a boat with friends – doesn’t take up a lot of space and definitely doesn’t get in the way of my tan!


  3. Great purchase!

    Been looking for PFD’s for my husband and I as we have begun kayaking this summer when we found Bombora. So far so good. You hardly know you are wearing it but know you are prepared.

    Sara (verified owner)

  4. Love this product.

    Finally a PFD that looks super cool, does the job and stays out of your way when you are on the water.

    Bruce (verified owner)

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